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The Money Advice Service

Helping you make the most of your money

Whatever the situation with your finances, it's good to know you're on top of things and are making the most of what you have.

The Money Advice Service is here to help. It offers clear and unbiased money advice and information to help you make the most of your money, whatever your circumstances – and it's free.

About the Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service is independent and unbiased so it won't recommend any particular products or try to sell you anything. It was set up by government and is funded by a levy on the financial services industry.

You can access their services in three ways:

Online –

Over the phone

Call 0800 138 7777 and speak to a Money Adviser for unbiased advice on your money issues (call rates may vary).

Face to face

If you find that speaking to a money adviser on-line isn't enough, you can request a face-to-face appointment by calling the number above.

Money Health Check - Get started today

A good place to start looking at your money situation is the health check. Take less than 10 minutes to answer some easy questions about your attitude and behaviour – no need for bank statements or any other paperwork – and you'll get an action plan with three high priority actions and a list of others to take when you are ready. Each action has a drop down telling you HOW to do it, not just WHAT to do. Why not have a go right now by clicking here:

The HCA believes everyone proposing to buy their own home and obtain a mortgage should be aware of what they are taking on, and what they can afford.

You should also have continued support after purchasing and the Money Advice service can offer that support by providing you with the tools to assess your financial health on an on going basis, work out priority payments such as your mortgage, and obtain help and support if your circumstances change and you need some extra advice.

The tools available through The Money advice service can also help purchasers if you are thinking of staircasing or paying back you second charge or just want to reassess your situation.

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